Used Hotel Soap: Where Does It Go?

If you’re concerned about recycling, then you’ve no doubt worried—at one time or another—about items that don’t seem to be recyclable. For example, soaps; especially those little complementary bars (and the bottles of shampoo and conditioner, for that matter) you get at motels and hotels. Especially if you’ve only stayed one night at a motel, you may have agonized about what will happen to that unfinished bar or bottle you opened. At some places, the answer is yes—unfortunately, many hotels simply throw away those used products and they end up in landfills in the millions (an estimate of five million worldwide are tossed daily, with one million generated by the United States alone). But some hotels recycle their used soaps and shampoos.

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The “Three Rs” Plus Two

Meet “Repair” And “Refuse”

These two are the newest members of the ‘R’ family and just like reduce, reuse, and recycle, “repair” and “refuse” are ready to start fighting against the creation of unnecessary waste.

You probably already have the mantra of “reduce, reuse and recycle” down, but there are more Rs you can add to your routine. The Solid Waste Management Coordinating Board (SWMCB) of Minnesota has created a great list of more ways that you can make sure less stuff ends up in the garbage.

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