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Prior to 2007, Warren County residents were issued an annual license for vehicles when taxes were paid for such. From 2007 onward, Warren County has issued a permanent license (decal or County sticker). This permanent decal is valid as long as the vehicle is garaged in Warren County and owned by the licensee. The fee for this decal is billed to residents annually on your first tax bill.

Any person owning, leasing or renting property in Warren County whose motor vehicle is not normally garaged, stored or parked in Warren County can use Warren County waste and recycling facilities with the purchase of a waste disposal decal. The waste disposal decal is not permanent and must be purchased annually.

Where can I purchase a Warren County decal or Warren County Waste decal?

Warren County Treasurer
220 North Commerce Avenue
Suite 800
Front Royal, Virginia 22630
(540) 635-2215 tel
(540) 636-4870 fax

What if I live in the Town of Front Royal? Can I use the waste & recycle centers?

Town of Front Royal Decals are acceptable for all refuse locations.

Where can I purchase a Town of Front Royal decal?

Town of Front Royal, Town Hall
102 E. Main Street
Front Royal, Virginia 22630

Where can I find Warren County, Virginia Code requirements?

www.warrencountyva.net under Resources or ecode360.com/WA1232 and Reference Chapter 172 (Vehicles and Traffic) & 102 (Refuse Sites).

Can I be penalized for using Solid Waste/Refuse Facilities without a decal?

Yes, you can be penalized. The following Warren County code section explains further.

§102-12. Violations and penalties. [Added 9-7-1988; amended 11-21-2000; 11-20-2001] Any person who violates any provision of this article shall, upon conviction, be punished by a fine not to exceed $2,500 and confinement in jail for not more than 12 months, either or both.

Is a decal required on my Warren County vehicle even if I do not use it to take my garbage?

Yes; it is unlawful to operate your county registered vehicle without your decal.

§172-29. Display of license decal or sticker required; effect of licenses from other jurisdictions. [Amended 8-18- 1992; 11-8-1995; 3- 15-2011] No person shall operate or permit to be operated in the County any motor vehicle, trailer or semitrailer which is normally garaged, stored or parked in the County, nor shall any person park or permit to be parked any such motor vehicle, trailer or semitrailer on any street, parking area or other place open to the public in the County unless there shall be displayed thereon a County license decal or sticker as provided in this article. Such license decal or sticker is required to be affixed to the vehicle within 30 days of registration with the Commonwealth of Virginia or within 30 days of residence of such owner in the County. An owner of a newly registered or newly resident vehicle with a valid license issued by another Virginia jurisdiction may receive a County license decal or sticker valid through the expiration date of the original license issued by such other Virginia jurisdiction at no charge by making application to the County Treasurer pursuant to §172-34.

If I already paid my personal property taxes can I still get my decal?

Yes; contact the Warren County Treasurer's office.

Do I need to pay my taxes to get a Warren County decal?

Yes; no license shall be issued by the County Treasurer until taxes have been paid.

I purchased a new vehicle, can I get a replacement decal?

Yes; the County Treasurer can issue a duplicate or substitute for $2.00

Can I be ticketed? Is there a penalty for not having a decal for my Warren County vehicle while just driving?

Yes, there is a penalty. It is considered a misdemeanor and subject to fining.

Is there a required location for my permanent decal?

Yes; failure to affix your decal as required is a violation. The following code section explains in more detail.

§172-32. Placement of permanent decals or stickers. [Amended 3-15--2011] Permanent license decals or stickers issued pursuant to this article shall be attached to the windshield, adjacent to the inspection sticker, no higher than three inches from the bottom. For vehicles without windshields, such decal or sticker shall be securely attached in such a manner that it will be clearly visible. Failure to display license decals or stickers issued under the provisions of this article shall be a violation of this article even though the vehicle license tax has been paid.

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